anna gburczyk photography


I am interested in the boundary of perception and reality.
It is a grave topic, so to relax I photograph plants.

Perhaps because I was learning about photography in quite an unstructured way (which meant I was spending huge amounts of time on the internet in emotional rows over other people's photographs), I eventually decided to test my skills against a challenge of a formal course. In 2007 I took a course on black and white photography with Kerstin Hacker at the University of West London and decided to start an MA in Photography there. I completed it with Distinction and I held my MA ehxibition, together with Angela Chan and Jutith Damen at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery in Covent Garden, London and got our show listed in the British Journal of Photography.
Excellent art theory classes with Lesley Stevenson and Peter Smith gave me the necessary vocabulary to brag at Tate Modern, but also roam the magical world of meaning of photography with significantly more awe.

I am also a certified Accountant, Project Manager and process improvement specialist. I have an Executive MBA from the London Business School and call myself a Buddhist. I was a mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation and now I also work with Onpartu, a programme that helps underemployed women.
If men photographers have muses, what do women have? My husband is a pillar of support to my work and I would not be here if not for him.

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If you have any questions or would like to get any of the artwork for yourself, please contact me by email.