anna gburczyk photography


in[side]out was conceived from a quote by Gaston Bachelard: 'space is nothing but a horrible inside-outside'. The tensions of this division, coming together on the surface of the city windows between reflections and opacities inspired my photographic investigation of the urban space. The visual puzzles, seemingly Surrealist photomontages yet composed by straight reality are meant as an invitation for the viewers to take a critical look at the urban landscape.

The various city boundaries - do they demarcate a 'somewhere'? How are the spaces created and controlled? Does the passing through them create a sort of identity or is it changing the one that already exists? Is it perhaps the gazes that evoke the change? Whose gazes are these?

In this exploration of the spatial estrangement I attempt to point at the hyperreal in the everyday. In parallel with my earlier work, this project puts at stake the bond between perception and reality encouraging the spectators to question it yet again.

The online gallery includes images that will not be displayed at the exhibition!