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Mandala in Sanskrit means a circle or a discoid object.
A mandala can be divided into an outer and an inner section. The outer mandala represents the environment of the human and consists of air, fire, water and earth. The inner mandala represents the human and includes body, speech and mind. Both mandalas are interspersed and united by the eighth element, the space.

Carl Gustav Jung has noted that mandala endeavours to ‘express the totality of the individual in his inner or outer expression of the world’. Referring to the eight constituent elements of mandala, the project is a reflection on the experience of that totality and on its qualities, inviting viewers to experiment with meanings.

The captions are an invitation to that experiment: through a direct relationship to the represented element and an open relation to the image they are meant to anchor the reference to the mandala elements but at the same time they encourage the viewer to a play with interpretations.